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Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
>>> the united states taking new safety precautions tonight amid more violence in the middle east and the rest of the muslim world. >>> van de lice vandalism has m people on edge. >>> the state department has issued a travel warning so americans in tunisia, sudan and yemen, and has told families and nonessential government personnel to leave. al qaeda praised the death of chris stevens in libya. and called for more attacks on u.s. embassies. and in his first interview with an american tv station, the president of libya, told nbc news the attack on the u.s. consulate was planned. he also says lib yanz and foreigners were responsible for the assault that killed four americans. jim maceda has more now on the u.s. response from cairo. >> reporter: a four-day stand-off outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended early this morning. riot police charged the protesters and cleared outta rear square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country. but friday's day of rage sprea across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today, local citizens and security
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
these united states. >> the re-election is launched 60 days from now, americans will go to the polls. the incumbent president just charged up his crowd again. as valerie jarrett told us just before the broadcast, the senior white house adviser, this is not '08, this is a different man, a different year, tempered. "the new york times" this morning said he was a humble president, perhaps more conservative. we are indoors, after all, tonight. turns out to have been a clear night here in charlotte, but a preponderance of caution. right now democrats are threatening to make this an open-air arena. savannah guthrie and i have moved down to the floor. we have been told we are under threat of confetti cannons, so we'll stay low. the obama daughters, first lady have joined him up on stage. savannah, your initial marks on the speech. >> i think we have just heard the 2012 version of hope and change. i was told by an adviser before this speech that it wasn't going to be about barack obama, it wasn't going to be about mitt romney, it would be about the american people. clearly that's the message
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
government, which has close relations with the united states, apologized. and there was a pro-american demonstration in benghazi. but elsewhere in the region, there were anti-american demonstrations. in afghanistan, the government blocked access to youtube. and in egypt, where it all began, the protest in front of the u.s. embassy. richard engle, nbc news, cairo. >> here at home, dozens gathered outside the white house to denounce the violence in libya. live in d.c. with the calls for justice. jackie? >> reporter: this was organized through social media by libyans with one foot here in the d.c. area and the other thousands of miles away. >> reporter: the young man who organized the vigil in front of the white house for am bas dar chris stevens is a graduate of jeb stuart high school and took a year off to become a freedom fighter in libya. >> he was really enthusiastic about being there. and he was also excited about libyan americans coming and helping. i remember him specifically telling us, the few libyan americans that were there, that he's very proud as an american that we
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the romney campaign needs a turn around because the president is gaining in the polls in key swing states. but national polls show the campaign tied. >> we have a campaign, which is tied with a president of the united states. >> tied is good, but being ahead is better. and he is not that. at least yet. anita. >> thanks, gary. tonight we are getting a lock at mitt romney and paul ryan's medical records. the 65-year-old romney takes a miniaspirin and cholesterol medication to maintain his heart health. his doctor says he's a vigorous guy that takes good care of himself. 42-year-old paul ryan, a well known fan of the p90x workout has been dubbed in excellent shape by the physician for the house of representatives where he has been getting yearly checkups since he has been getting checkups since 28. >>> the pastor of prince georges county megachurch is getting his job back. the pastor was fired in april from jericho city. he had been at odds with board pros tees. reversed a decision which gave six church employees control over that board of trustees. the pastor is making plans with his mi
Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the opportunity to establish he is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the united states. a challenger who accomplishes that in effect wins the first debate. >> reporter: wednesday's debate gives both candidates a chance to explain their plans for health care and the economy. drew levinson, cbs news. >> the first of the three presidential debates is wednesday at the university of denver. it will focus on domestic policy. the vice-presidential depates will take place on october 11th . >>> lee boy malvoy has talked to the washington post. he was convicted along with john mohammed of the shootings that left ten people fr. prison he tells the newspaper that he remembers each of the sniper shooting details. but it's the linda franklin slaying that haunts him most. he gave the go order and looked across route 50 in 7 corners at the target. mohammed hidden on a hill above pulled the trigger and killed linda franklin who happened to be going about her business at the home depot in virginia at precisely the wrong time. mohammed was executed in november of 2009. malvo, then
Sep 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. there are no crowd. and you are going to find great bargains. and many destinations, not just here in the united states, but even in the caribbean, and in europe. >> reporter: in london, for example, hotels are 60% cheaper than they were during the olympics. >> we have got all of this hotel build-up in london. that is now empty. so the crowd are gone. lot of empty rooms. a lot of good deals. >> reporter: the prices at domestic destinations drop dramatically after this weekend. >> places like colorado, the theme park destinations, even some of the city destinations, like chicago and d.c. >> reporter: even in hawaii, luxury hotels and resorts will be charging rates 40% lower than what they were just last week. airfares went be dropping much before october. but the lower cost of everything else can offset that. in places where there is still a month of summer left. >> still have excellent weather in that first couple of weeks of september. pricing is so much better. >> experts say, post labor day travel may be more attractively priced this year, due to the unstable economy. chris clackum, nbc news.
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to speak in fredericksberg. nbc news has learned a missile strike killed a top al-qaida leader. a united states drone killed him and at least five others traveling with him in a car today. he's a saudi national who was held at guantanamo bay fr at least 6 years. >> you might go to some more police at the stations. in montgomery county, those officers will be using a new safety tool. they have devices on their belts that detect radiation. the department also bought 40 of the detectors with federal grant money. >>> all day tomorrow, the vic m victims are remembered. in the morning, thousands of people will remember the victims at the world trade center memorial site. there will be four minutes of silence. at the pentagon, the private service is planned for survivors and families of the victims. >> next on news 4, a bison charges at some kids but park officials say the animal isn't to blame. >> also, the gnats. it could spell trouble for fans come playoff time. >> some people spent thousands on one ride. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the united states. out there today, high temperature of 78 degrees. a low this morning of 57. you look at those numbers and say hey, that's a pretty nice day. it was the coolest morning since maid 15th and i think we'll be right back there during the mourning tomorrow. right now, it's 66 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 50 miles an hour. a little bit warmer along the river at 56 degrees down there along the chesapeake bay. as far as the radar is concerned, we've been showing you this the last couple of days. this is not going to change much. no way you talk about the eastern two-thirds of the nation, one big storm back towards the rockies. but for the rest of us, we are high and we are dry and plenty of high pressure over the area. that high pressure is going to be sitting here for the next few days bringing us nice weather with plenty of sunshine. not just through the day tomorrow, but through the day on thursday. that area of high pressure not moving very much. friday looks very similar and then we'll start to see things change just a little bit as we head into the weekend. all
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
for him and he does not hire people in the united states. the bbb tells us this kind of thing happens all of the time. recent phishing use the irs and homeland security. so if you're still job hunting, look out for the red flags. lesli foster, 9news now. >> such good information. >> wow. >> can you imagine how many desperate people out there would love to be working from home and making money. >> you want to believe it. >> you want to believe it. >> good job, lesli. >>> all right. we have a pretty good weekend. not as perfect as last weekend. i set the bar high last weekend. >> that was great. >> you can do your outdoor stuff. keep your tee time. let's start with the michael and son weather cam. it is cloudy outside. there is still showers out to the south but they're moving out. high temperature 81 today. dew point is 50. dew points are falling. dryer air is moving in. the cold front we've been talking about i guess all week feels like weeks is now finally through us. winds out of the north, northwest at 9. and the pressure beginning to rise now 30.01 inches of mercury. satellite picture
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9